DRYZEM Premium Cantilever Parasol Cover Waterproof 600 Denier Oxford Cloth with UV Protectant and Full Length Zip 2 Year Warranty


  • THE ULTIMATE PROTECTION for your offset patio or garden umbrella. The DRYZEM Parasol Cover is made of heavy-duty 600 denier Oxford cloth and includes a matching zippered carrying bag for storage.
  • UV TREATMENT safeguards your cantilever parasol against rain, frost, sun rays, dirt and grime. Our PVC protectant is the same premium protection normally reserved for boats and vehicles.
  • EASY ON AND OFF with a full-length zipper and a collapsible rod that guides the DRYZEM Parasol Cover over the umbrella. Stays firmly in place with a drawstring and toggle at the base of the cover.
  • DOUBLE STITCHED for strength and durability, and includes metal vents for stability and air circulation. Measures 265cm tall x 40cm top width x 70cm middle width x 50cm bottom width.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and easy to maintain, you can wipe the DRYZEM Parasol Cover clean with a damp cloth. Keep your Cantilever Umbrella ready to use year-round with this water resistant cover.
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Reliable all-season protection

Relaxing under your outdoor parasol is the ideal end to any day: sipping tea, admiring your garden and marveling at the wonders of this Earth. But environmental elements can take a toll on your investment. The DRYZEM Parasol Cover protects your cantilever umbrella from weather, bird lime and even the unrelenting UV rays of the sun. This heavy-duty cover keeps your patio parasol clean, dry and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Designed for long-lasting durability

The DRYZEM Parasol Cover is made with the highest quality 600 denier Oxford cloth and includes double stitching to reduce accidental rips and tears. UV treatment and PVC water resistance form a protective barrier against rain, frost, ultraviolet rays and dirt. This 265cm x 70cm x 50cm cover slips effortlessly over your cantilever parasol, thanks to a full-length zipper and collapsible wand that guides it over the top of the umbrella. A drawstring threaded through the base of the cover fastens securely with a toggle, keeping out wind gusts, squirrels and birds.

Easy to maintain

Your DRYZEM Cantilever Parasol Cover wipes clean with a damp cloth, just like your patio furniture cushions. When not in use, it stores in its own matching zippered carrying bag. Whether you use it every day or only seasonally, the DRYZEM Cover is the most reliable way to safeguard your outdoor umbrella. It provides the same high level of protection from the elements that is usually afforded to boats, cars and other vehicles. Because it is lightweight and easy to use, you can install it over your umbrella all by yourself.

For the ultimate in protection for your offset parasol, DRYZEM has you covered. Add our Cantilever Parasol Cover to your basket today.


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